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ValMagnifyWe at Maine Bone Carving are very proud of our work. And if you have read other parts of this site, you will already know that we also believe that there is something special about bone carvings.

The feedback we have received from our patrons over the last six years has shown us that these carvings are as important to their owners as they are to us. Recently a patron said to us that ‘art’ meant change and that what we do is art because the carvings cause a change. We understood immediately what he meant. It is the changes we cause that continue to feed our creative needs. And we know of these changes because people tell us how they feel about their carvings.

So we would like to share with you some of what other people have written to us. We have also included some newspaper articles about our business and the processes we have had to go through in developing this art form and legalizing the sale of moose bone carvings.

I am writing to you Val to express my appreciation for your work. Two years (?or three) ago my then 80 year old mother and I saw your work at the Laudholm Farm show in Wells . She was drawn to your "journey" piece and relished your healing story. She purchased the piece as she was involved in her own healing journey from a complicated angiosarcoma. She wore the piece regally . She was a woman who had a shine from the inside out. She lived with a passion. This past December she passed. I had the opportunity to care for her and be with her as witness on that journey. I now wear the piece. I carry an inner knowing of the two of you, your strength, courage and life force. I thank you for being part of my mothers healing.

(Joanne R) [Top]

“Thank you ever so much for your response about the “Fire of Life” carving. When I first saw it, not only did it catch my eye, but sparked something deeper in my spirit. I have learned quite a bit about carvings while trying to find the background of this particular piece. I have “bonded” with my carving (for lack of a better term) and feel there is something about the relationship that is very deep, spiritual, and warm. It means a lot to me, for a variety of reasons I won’t bore you with, but suffice to say it will be a part of my life forever more.”

(Tom M., ) [Top]

“Mema has a special role in my life as an artist. I wear her to represent my love of the sea, my love of art and the very special bond that can happen between people because of those loves. Every time someone sees her around my neck, I relate the story of her swimming around Val’s neck in both New Zealand and in Maine and how Val transferred her to my neck. Every time I feel the warmth of Mema from my body, I think of how wonderful and beautiful life is and can be when caring and seeing and creating are the focus. I love that Mema comes from my friendship with another artist and how she can magically pull other people (adults and children) towards me in a discussion of our common passions. Wearing a piece of art allows you to share it with everyone who comes close to you.

(Mimi G.C.,Oakland, Me.) [Top]

“Thank you so much for my beautiful and mysterious mermaid. I notice people can’t take their eyes off her when they’re talking to me. She is just wonderful and the detail and lines are magnificent. As for a name, she appears to me to be Calypso- one of the nymphs Odysseus met on his voyage.”

(Meredith T., Byfield, Ma. ) [Top]

“I cannot express adequately my satisfaction and pleasure in the finished pieces- they exceeded all my expectations and I know Tony and Debbie will be thrilled. Oddly enough, one of their most interesting upcoming jobs is in the Galapagos with a team from New Zealand. Thank you for your time and efforts and especially to Gerry for his remarkable skill.”

(Lee C., Kennebunkport, Me.) [Top]

“My carving, “Migrations” arrived safe and sound and was worn immediately. I’m amazed that I find myself rubbing it so often. It’s very soothing - and lovely.”

(Carol S., Brookfield, Ct.) [Top]

“WOW! It’s really neat to see my photography as a real piece of art work”...”I’ve got an invitation to the Pelican Rescue League in Biscayne Bay, so I’ll send some [photos] along to you in New Zealand. Thanks again, he’s gorgeous.”

(Sue D., Miami, Fla.) [Top]

“Thank you so much for the beautiful pendant and encouraging note for the play, Macbeth”...”Your package arrived the day after the play was performed for over 200 people and I was absolutely dragging around work exhausted. At lunch I happened to check my mailbox at work and the most wonderful surprise had arrived. It absolutely made my day. I was showing off the pendant to everyone at work and telling them the story of why it arrived.”

(Elaine S., Portland, Or.) [Top]

“I have NEVER been so wonderfully pleased with a piece that I am able to give to a truly wonderful person”... “It is perfect. The carving is absolutely beautiful...both in line and execution. My peer and good friend designed her professional logo as a Marriage and Family Counselor around two geese in tandem flight, so this piece is, from her viewpoint, the absolute bestest thing I could have possibly given her.” Thank you for such remarKable service and genuine spirituality so evident in your work.”

“...happened to see the “Drama Mask” carving on the former “Drama Queen” opening night of my daughter’s play against a black turtleneck. The carving was stunning! Even from 30 feet”

(William S., Portland, Me.) [Top]

“Received [Bilbo] Baggins yesterday. Love it. The sculptural form suggest massiveness. The choices you made between detail and generality very beautifully suggest a work of great massiveness. I see this very strongly in the right knee and hand, as well as the drapery folds of the neck of the sack. I love it. Thank you so much.

(Bill G., Princeton, New Jersey) [Top]

“The lovely mermaid arrived in Upper Black Eddy two days ago, but since she came registered mail I had to pick her up at the P.O. Talk about suspense! The first I could get there was this morning and I am delighted! She is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much. Of course I had her on me all day! Still do.”

“I am so glad to have met you this summer. You continue to inspire me, just thinking about the life you have created following your dream.”

“Your carvings touch so many hearts and souls! I have received many compliments on the heron necklace that I bought this summer. That piece is such an inspiration to wear. It reminds me to nurture my own spirit. People enjoy looking at it, to feel it in their hand. It is so good to hold and feel the beautiful detail and the spirit it embodies.”

(Patricia Q., Upper Black Eddy, Pa.) [Top]

“I gave my “Within” to [a friend], she wore it through brain tumor surgery and loves it now it 36 weeks of chemo. Remember we talked about the healing manna? Anyway, send one along, wear it to make it special like the first one.”

(Paula G., Winthrop, Me.) [Top]

“Thank you so much for sending the carving. I love it. I realized that when I wore the bird spirit for the last two years, I was thinking about navigation, trying to get the places and goals that were important to me. Now I wonder if the carving of the ax and the ancestor reflects a feeling of having found relationships and endeavors of great importance in my life and wanted to have the strength to protect those interests. I will take good care of the carving and cherish it as I have the others.”

(Allan G., Baltimore, Md) [Top]

“My life’s work is as an artist and healer. For many years I was fascinated with drawing polar bears”. ...”About 15 years ago I joined a medicine circle of women healers. On my drum I painted an Indian woman riding a polar bear”. ...”In my adult years I have researched the nature of the Polar Bear”. ...”From my personal point of view I consider the polar bear (cubs especially) to be adorable, so cute, sometimes comical, often loving. Yet they are by far one of the fiercest creature upon the Earth. They have the stamina to swim 100 miles without stopping. I now call upon the strength of Nanook (Bears of the North) for protection. I look forward to adding your creation to my cherished collection.”

(Nanci A., Portland, Me.) [Top]

"I really want to buy that piece called Journey. You will understand someday. My aspirations have taken off since I met you". ... It was because you told me of your story and how you began designing your pieces that I decided to pursue my desire to become a nature photographer."

(Lynnette F.., Falmouth, Me.) [Top]

Your talents and love for what you do are evident in the works you produce. We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet you and acquire some of your carvings."

(Genine and Joe P., Hazelton, Pa) [Top]