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carvingCreature Feature
1 3/4
Design #phcf1
Sometimes carvings never make it to the website..ever. If you are wondering what you are looking at, it may take a bit of explaining. Waaayyy back in '98, a well known band (Phish) came to Limestone, Maine to do a performance, Lemonwheel. I can't say that we were Phish fans..in fact, we had no idea who they were before the whole region got excited about the upcoming concert. It turned out that out summer neighbors had a daughter who was married to one of the musicians. Anyway, Gerry decided it would be fun to do a series of carvings about fish and then have a booth at the show. The adventure also involved two other local guys, Jim Landry and Dale Perkins, from out community. What a crew they were. I stayed out of it and let Gerry do the whole project.

Quite a few carvings from that adventure remained designs we have done for years, like Ancient Fish, Simply Fish and Future Fish. But there were lots more, and this crazy design was one of them.

So, what is it? For those of us old enough to remember the Saturday double feature matinees, the 'Creature Feature' was a thrill. The old theaters use to have balconies, and kids would throw popcorn from them. In the scary movies, it was cool to wait until the worst possible moment and then touch some poor unsuspecting girl on the shoulder and make her scream. Gerry's memories of those days were vivid and this design was kind of harkening back to his boyhood.

So, Lemonwheel came and went, and a small set of these carvings were relegated to the bottom drawer of the file system, under P for Phish.(see also, Fish Tale and the Creature Feature with the abalone eye.)

But now we are talking about retiring, and I decided to finally offer Creature Feature on our website. There may be some Phish fans out there who have their own fond memories of that event. If you ever see us at a show or drop by the studio, be sure to ask Gerry the "Jim" story from the Phish concert...he will know exactly what you mean, and loves telling it.