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carvingFire of Life
1 5/8 x1
Design #34B
The first time Val ever saw this design was during her apprenticeship with Owen Carson. She arrived at his studio one morning and found the carving wrapped in a velvet cloth on the table. It was a gift to her and he assured her that her skills would soon develop to the point where she would be able to do one herself. When she asked what it was called he said it had no name. He suggested she wear it awhile and then select a name for him.

The image of flames was very clear. When she wore it, it gave her a feeling of energy. To her the image relates to that special 'fire' that some people seem to have naturally. But over time she has also found that some people have lost that energy and need to concentrate on getting it back.

Many years later, a customer walked up to the booth and said he wanted to buy the wizard. Gerry was puzzled as we did not have a wizard carving. When the customer pointed to the Fire of Life, it was like one of those weird optical illusion. The wizard appears to be in profile with his peaked hat and his eye and his mouth blowing some kind of magic vapor. It was so apparent that we both were kind of surprised that we had never noticed it before.

But to us the carving will still always be the Fire of Life, and even if it is a wizard, that would still fit.