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We work in bone; not a material that one connects with the 21st century. It is however one that we feel is very appropriate to our current tug of war between confronting the new millennium and yet reaffirming our common heritage. It's a medium that is warm and connected to our very core of being. We all share bone!

Our designs are gleaned from the world wide iconography, looking for common visual themes that cross artificial cultural labels and bind us together. To us they're personal. Translating that image into a quality, wearable piece of sculpture is what we do. If you're browsing sights looking for an e-commerce dot-com with designs on becoming the next cybersite to offer an IPO, boy are you lost. What you've logged onto is a grandpa and grandma site that does its carvings one at a time and strives to cultivate a doggedly loyal clientele. If you order from us it is done "by us" for our customers. We don't crank out dozens of pieces for shipment next Tuesday. You are probably going to have to wait for your order. If you do place an order we will give you our best estimate of how long it should take to get your carving to you. It's a first call first carve system and after all there are millions of you and only two of us.